Investor Relations

Investor Relations is the medium to communicate information to the public. To create a clear understanding - accurate and useful to investor relations.

Market : SET
Industry : Property & Construction
Sector : roperty Development




Return on Assets(ROA) (%)


Return on Equity(ROE) (%)
Net Profit Margin 16.65%
Net Profit 451.02 M. Baht
lastest Data : 31 ธันวาคม 2561

Investor Calendar

Investor calendar shows events, activities that will occur on various days. You can follow us.

Financial Highlight

Presented and calculated from the onsolidated statement and displayed as cumulative quarterly statement fiscal year

Annual summary / Update : 2561

General Meeting of Shareholder

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering of a company's interested shareholders. Shareholders with voting rights vote on current issues, such as appointments to the company's board of directors, executive compensation.

RICHY's Annual Report

This annual report presents the results of the implementation of the Action Plan of Richy Place 2002 Co., Ltd to provide investors receive policy information and an overview of the business. Nature of Business Risk Factors Stock information And other information

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