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Market : SET
Industry : Property & Construction
Sector : roperty Development




Return on Assets(ROA) (%)


Return on Equity(ROE) (%)
Net Profit Margin 16.65%
Net Profit 451.02 M. Baht
lastest Data : 31 ธันวาคม 2561

Chairman's Statement

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Dear Shareholders


Since the establishment of Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited, has been a property development company for the past 18 years. Dedicated all the strength In order to create a good quality dream house in which every project has been carefully planned in every step to build and deliver products Good service, quality, along with sustainable environmental and social care, even in the year 2019, the revenue recognition will not meet the target. But we never give up Is still determined to run the business in 2020 to meet the company’s goals, namely expanding the business further Both the number of projects and project sizes And still adhere to fairness and transparency


In the year 2019, the company received revenue from real estate sales of 1,193 million baht, a decrease of 1,487 percent from the year 2018 or a 124.64 percent decrease, resulting from the sluggish economy. And the credit tightness along with the LTV measure, causing customers interested in buying condominiums or residences to delay their purchases first


In this regard, as the director of Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited, I would like to thank the shareholders, customers, financial institutions, the media, business alliances. And related government agencies For helping Has always supported the company in every area And would like to thank the board of directors, executives and all employees for their cooperation in working together Which will result in greater success for us in the future


Best regards

Miss Sunee Sathinan



Message from Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders


Year 2019 is the year that the world economy and Thailand Has been affected by external factors from the trade war of the superpowers that have continuously pressured many international partners Causing economic downturn Gorp and political instability And there are measures to reduce credit to small-scale buyers of the Bank of Thailand Therefore resulting in a new recession immediately since the 2nd quarter of 2019


Richy financial performance in 2019 had incomes, expenses, and profits in the consolidated financial statements similar to the 2017 financial statements, which is a normal operating year, except for 2018 that had an extra-large project of more than 1,000 rooms per project


 For the 2020 business plan, the operational strategies have been defined as follows:

1. Defining a “WellTech” business strategy

2. Building actively and continuously brand building

3. Opening a new customer group like a friend recommends Richy Friend Club (RFC)

4. Zero influence sales And add Agency

5. Doing business in affiliate network trading

Although in the first half of the year 2020, Thailand will be affected by the Covid19 epidemic causing new sales to stumble. Richie then devised a working plan aimed at selling more seriously online. We have the determination and the power to work hard. For the growth and benefit of Richy continuously and sustainably


On behalf of management and staff Would like to thank the shareholders That has always provided good support to the company


Best regards

Dr. Apa Ataboonwongse

Executive Chairman



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