Privacy Notice

Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited

Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company”), as a developer of real estate projects, respects privacy and recognizes the paramount importance of protecting your personal information. We will store and use your personal information accurately and transparently to the extent necessary for our business operations and services. Your personal data will be protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

Personal information that the company collects from you

1. Identity information such as name-surname, date/month/year of birth, age, gender, ID card number driver's license number Passport number marital status

2. Contact information such as address, email, phone number Contact Address Social Media Account

3. Financial information such as account numbers, credit card numbers debit card number monthly income information Debt information

4. Information that you are interested in, such as hobbies, activities, social network that you use regularly, sports, travel

5. Information on decision-making in choosing or not choosing products and services, such as reasons for purchase, budget

6. Technical and functional information such as IP Address number, login information, Website Browsing information from the use of Cookie ID information when visiting.

Retention of personal information

The Company will store your personal information in the Company's information system. and provide standardized security In order to keep your personal information safe with the following measures

1. Restrict access to personal data that may be accessed by employees, agents

2. Provide technological means to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems.

3. Manage the destruction of your personal information for security purposes when such information is no longer needed for legal and business purposes.

4. There is a process to deal with infringement of personal data. or in case of doubt and must notify the personal data breach to the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission in accordance with the conditions prescribed by law.

Use or Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. The Company undertakes not to use your personal information collected for any purpose other than the legitimate purpose or for the Company's business operations in various cases such as:

• Used for transactions / activities related to the company's business operations. For the benefit of study, research, statistical preparation, service development, marketing, advertising and public relations. Sending product newsletters various promotions related to the Company's products and services

• Use to improve, develop, optimize the Company's website.

• Used for receiving various complaints from you.

• Used for contacting you. via telephone, text message, email or post, or through any means to inquire or notify, or to verify or confirm information about your account; or polling as necessary

• Used for checking your service usage information. to achieve order Comply with relevant laws and regulations that are currently in force and that will be amended or added in the future. The Company will not sell such information, transfer or distribute to third parties.

2. The Company may disclose your personal information. If it is legally public information or complying with a court order or an order requesting a government agency for the benefit of the investigation Investigation of legal officers or court proceedings

3. In the event that the company have hired other agencies To perform any actions related to the use of personal information that the Company As the data controller, the company will assign the agency that has hired to maintain confidentiality. Security of personal information and impose a prohibition against the use of such personal data for purposes other than the purposes specified by the Company

Period of retention of personal information

The Company keeps your personal information for the period necessary to carry out the purposes of providing the Company's services. and in accordance with the period stipulated by accounting standards legal standard and other relevant regulations

Data Subject Rights

The owner of the information can request in writing to the company. to request a review, correct or delete or change information The company will consider and take action as appropriate.

Review of the Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to update this policy from time to time. to comply with relevant practices and laws and in accordance with business operations and services. The Company will notify you of any changes by announcing the revised policy through the Company's contact channels.


If you wish to contact to request the exercise of the rights of the personal data subject Or if you have any questions, including any complaints (additional), you can contact us through the following channels.

Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited

Contact address: 667/15 Attabun Building, 7th Floor, Charansanitwong Road Bangkok Noi Arun Amarin Bangkok 10700

Telephone : 1343 Fax : 0-2886-1060 or the Company's website (

I agree that Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited and its affiliates collect, use and disclose my personal information. for the company and its affiliates to communicate Present and inform me of various information related to products, services and interesting projects of the Company and its affiliates.



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